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Whitney Harper is best known for specializing in creating flawless skin and fierce brows. Yelp considers her the “Top Artist in the Square”; referring to Union Square, the top fashion district in San Francisco.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Whitney’s eye for perfection and intrigue with cosmetics began at an early age. It’s no surprise Whitney Harper has taken the makeup world by storm; she’s never been one to fade into the background. Drawing inspiration at a very young age, Whitney began perfecting her craft at the age of 18. It was at this time that she enrolled at the Joe Blasco Make-Up Academy in West Hollywood, California; where under the tutelage of Mr. Joe Blasco, Whitney graduated with a Master Make-Up Artist Certification.

After graduating from Joe Blasco, Whitney continued to develop her craft as a make-up artist and business manager for Bobbi Brown and NARS Cosmetics in Palo Alto and San Francisco, California. Her unique gift of bringing the couture look to every face she sees as her canvass, has taken this rising star to jobs at BET, TV1, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and on set with various musical artist, actresses and professional athletes.

Whitney’s creative flare and artistry is celebrated and in demand, for fashion, film, stage and print; which has given her invaluable experience working to empower women from all walks of life. Whitney Harper is an accomplished and creative makeup artist with experience in all aspects of media makeup: fashion, video and print. She specializes in wedding makeup, high fashion/editorial makeup, or any and all occasions.

Whitney is passionate, determined, enthusiastic, and has so much personality. Her mantra is “where there is a woman there is beauty” because she loves not only making a woman beautiful, but having her feel beautiful as well. Her training and education, along with her affable personality provides her clients with a dependable, detail-oriented, and multi-faceted professional to add to the success of the creative team of any project, within the production budget and schedule, regardless of the nature, scope or location.

Whitney’s diverse background and experience creates a unique style accredited only to her and her artistic talent. She has the innate ability to bring out the natural beauty of her subject, no matter the gender, ethnicity or character portrayal. She loves putting a smile on your face.

Whether her responsibilities take her on location to a motion picture set, television studio, video session or to a photographic makeup shoot for a catalogue, Whitney displays her mastery for creating the right look, a “flawless on film” look, whether by artistry techniques, beautiful skin tones, breath-taking shading or coordinating exquisite colors always with the needs, goals and objective of the project foremost in her presentation.

A personal, attentive and friendly service is guaranteed with a great deal of attention paid to detail that will ensure you get the perfect result from a flawless natural look to full on glamour design. Whitney prides herself in creating a unique relationship with anyone she touches, and gives every client the support and love to believe in themselves, which ultimately affects how they look and feel. She has the ability to create a diverse range of looks from natural and elegant, to colorful and ultra-glamorous and works with clients of every ethnicity. In her words “Makeup is simply the accessory that allows someone’s true nature and beauty to outwardly manifest itself.” This girl believes that “it’s all about flawless dewy skin and has the philosophy that “THINGS THAT MAKE US DIFFERENT, ARE THE QUALITIES THAT MAKE US BEAUTIFUL”

Whitney believes everyone is beautiful. She is passionate about educating men and women about how to take better care of their skin and how to apply makeup in the most flattering style. She also believes in mixing products from all lines because not all products are created equal. She takes the time to research all the cosmetic lines to make sure the products she recommends are going to improve and promote healthy skin and are the right products for you.

While building her reputation in the San Francisco market, Whitney is currently testing products in order to soon promote her own make-up line focusing on complexion and lip sticks.

Whitney Harper is the youngest girl in a family of 7 boys and 2 girls, and is no stranger to Bay Area celebrity. Whit’s father, brothers and older sister are entrenched in Bay Area sports lure. Her father, Willie Harper, played 11 years with the San Francisco 49ers. Brother Matthew, is an assistant coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, Brother Josh, is a wide out for the Fresno State Bulldogs and sister, Qiava is the Director of Premium seating for the Oakland Raiders.

Whitney is known for her exuberant personality, passion for life and is always the proverbial “life of the party”.

This artist is currently in the developmental stages of introducing her own cosmetic line,

“W by Whitney”, which will launch in late 2015.

Whitney is available to travel on location both nationally and internationally, and welcomes you to view a portfolio of some of her most exceptional work.

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